i’m glad to have you back in my life
you make me happy, again
i don’t really know why i ever ruined things with you, i would take it back if i could
but i can’t, so i’m just going to be thankful that i have you in my life again


(by snickernoodles)

Something, 2009 by Done by Mr. Red on Flickr.

(via imgTumble)


If you were mine I would

  • kiss you all the time
  • make sure you felt just as beautiful as I know you are
  • cook with you
  • take you on cheesy dates
  • dance with you all the time
  • especially while cooking
  • tell you how perfect you are
  • bake you things
  • sing to you when you couldn’t sleep
  • let you borrow my jacket if you were cold
  • try to be everything you deserve